UWA doesn’t feel like family — it is family

When I was a senior in high school and considering my college options, I’ll be honest, UWA wasn’t anywhere on my radar. When you grow up in Tuscaloosa, everyone assumes you’re going to Alabama and most people don’t even think about it.

But I knew I wanted something different. I was really involved in high school and I wanted a college where I could stay involved. At the big universities, it’s so easy to get lost. My Dad was the one who suggested we look at UWA. He brought me down for Preview Day, and something just clicked. The campus was beautiful and everyone was so genuine. You notice it right away, it feels like family.

You have to know me to understand this, but my Dad is my best friend. We talk four or five times a day. So, I come down here for orientation and I didn’t call him all weekend. He finally called me worried that I was ok — and all I could say was, ‘Dad, I’m supposed to be here.’

I’ve grown up so much since I’ve been here. I’ve done things I never imagined I’d get to do. But the best part? That feeling of family that I got the first time on campus has only grown stronger. The community here is so amazing. It’s not just the small classes or that your professors know you. It’s more of an attitude. People here really want what’s best for you.